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Character Analysis of The Slayers, Crimson Obsession, Book 11 [Jul. 26th, 2014|11:37 pm]

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This novel is an anomaly, especially in the latter half of the series, in that it does not move the plot of the arc much and could be easily skipped. Lina and Gourry are also the only recurring characters who feature in it. But does that means that there’s nothing to be gained from this novel, no deeper parallels, no flights of long range reaching? Read on to find out! Special thanks to pip25 and hlrespect for the translation!

Read here, I'm going to eat popcorn now.
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Happy Birthday Kanzaka! [Jul. 18th, 2014|10:52 pm]

So, seems Kanzaka is already 50!!

Odd enough, this year marks the 25th anniversary of Slayers... Kanzaka's been at that half his life :O no wonder he might be already a bit worn out =P
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Slayers Fans!!! [Jul. 10th, 2014|04:46 pm]


For the fans!!!
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Slayers: Divine News [Jun. 24th, 2014|06:24 pm]

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Hey guys:

It's been a while!
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混沌鍋バ Bar of Chaos Pot [Jun. 14th, 2014|09:24 pm]

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Long time no see guys! I'm not sure you guys still remember me, But here I am, and specially here for introducing wonderful Slayers Event for you!

  Japan, again- decided to open Slayers Only event for fans.
2014-06-14 19;59;13

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Character Analysis of The Slayers, Evil Devices in Solaria, Book 10 [Jun. 12th, 2014|08:59 pm]

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For the first novel as well as information about how I organized this and the purpose behind it.

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Wizer makes an appearance! Though in a drastically altered form from what made it into the anime! Most of the first three chapters were translated here, and the rest can be found here, translated by hlrespect and pip25.

10 down, 5 to go!
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2014 ZelAme Week [May. 28th, 2014|02:09 am]

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The themes and dates are decided, and ZelAme Week is here! It will be running June 4th-June 10th, and you can get all the details ON TUMBLR!

Hope to see some of you there. :)
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2014 Zelame Week [May. 21st, 2014|04:06 pm]

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Hello everyone! Over on tumblr, we're going to be running a Zelgadis/Amelia week in June. Basically it's a small, relaxed event where there will be daily themes that you can fiill with fanart, fanfic, graphics, or amvs. This has been done in the past, but it's been a couple of years so we thought we''d try to get it going again.

The event will be hosted over on Zelame @ Tumblr. While it's not necessary for you to follow the tumblr to participate, it might be a good idea so you can keep track of things (and see the other awesome fanworks!).

Right now we're deciding on the dates in which the event will run as well as the themes we'll be using. I have polls up for each so it's you all who get to decide.

-Vote for up to seven of your favorite themes HERE!
-Vote for the dates that would work best for you HERE!

Hope to see some of you over there. Thank you!

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Slayers FIGHT cards [May. 12th, 2014|09:52 am]

Hello everyone,

I still have extra Slayers FIGHT cards and I'm selling some.

I put some in ebay there :

but you can also tell me which one you need and I'll check if I have it to sell.

Have a nice day.
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Slayers? What Slayers? What's that? [May. 3rd, 2014|04:07 pm]

I'll try to have this ready as soon as I can :3 (which may be a bit now that I have a work, and a life and things like that xD)
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