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The Slayers Community

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The Slayers
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A community for fans of the Slayers anime, manga and novel series :)

Welcome to the Slayers Community!

This place is for those of us who thoroughly enjoy Slayers, whether it be the anime, manga, or novels! Here, anyone can post and all users are welcome! Our little community has grown up a lot since 2002! We've had Secret Santas, weekly episode reviews and discussions, and most recently a comprehensive fanbook project! We've got an extraordinary amount of fan-talent and fan-spirit and it keeps on growing! Of course, with every expanding community, there are some boundaries..


* PLEASE, NO POSTING OF FANSUBS. Text translations and scripts of the episodes are okay, but please keep those under a members-lock. Do not ask for anything illegal! Any posts linking to illegal OR grey-area media will be deleted the moment they are spotted! Repeated offenses will allot you a warning leading to a possible ban from the community!

* Use the LJ-cut tag if you're going to post spoilers, long fanfics or large images. (How?)

* Don't be a jerk (this includes trolling, bashing, abusing, arguing for no reason, being really annoying, and intentionally not following the rules :D).

* SLAYERS icon posts are allowed.

* Alternate Slayers & Slayers RP community promos are allowed, but only ONCE. Multifandom RP promos are NOT allowed.

* No unrelated/off-topic posts are allowed. (Consider this: "MY CAT IS AWESOME" is unrelated, but "MY CAT IS AWESOME 'CAUSE HER NAME IS LINA INVERSE" is. Selling merch from any other series is unrelated, discussing another series is unrelated, anything multifandom is generally unrelated to any Slayers storyline. Send us a message if you're unsure about your post.)

* Please tag your entries using this existing list! when in doubt, tag 'discussion'!

* Discussions pertaining to religion as it is portrayed in Slayers (any version of the series) is allowed; however discussions solely concerning personal religious beliefs (and/or other controversial subjects such as politics) is considered off-topic and therefor NOT allowed. If someone happens to mention that they're of a particular faith to explain the reasoning behind an opinion concerning Slayers, that's fine, but we don't want to see a religion-bashing flamewar following! Please respect your fellow members!

Created by petrosoap on February 21, 2002.

Above banner by darknight80! Thanks pal!! :)

Maintained by dqbunny, kitesareevil, & petrosoap!

One of us will get back to you ASAP!

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